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 I get so jealous--lately of pregnant women, I just want to kick them and cry and I hate myself and whatever this is when I see them. I think my focus is there because we were really going to start trying in January, but I didn't feel up to it. I think your plan and my plan is good. Yesterday really fucked me up--we went to church and then to caucus and the caucus was a total mess and we had to stand outside in freezing rain for 2.5 hours and then in a  inside for 2 hours...I almost collapsed. I was feeling faint and hungry and exhausted. Today I hurt all over. I just...when this stuff happens, I too think this may be the best worst thing that ever happened to me. This will teach me not to take all the negative shit in, to not surround myself with negative punishing people all the time (iv'e done a good deal of this and then tried to make them like me by making myself smaller--appealing huh?)..and it will teach me to not work like I used to with 4 careers out of one body, plus a family and a husband....but for now,  I just feel scared and then sometimes like this is a good thing. When else have I ever cared for myself like this? Never, I think. I've been thinking back and I think I've had this since I was about 13. Whatever it is. 

from Garbo

Today was a better day in some ways. I started the adrenal pills yesterday that are made of crushed pig's adrenal glands--yuck! I had what at this point in my life might be considered a full day....a dog walk, some email, a visit with the Mac guy, lunch with a new friend, and afternoon of work with an associate....but by 5 o'clock my legs hurt so much and I was so exhausted I could barely keep it together...plus I felt starving. When I get this low I get these huge dark circles under my eyes, I get pale and desperate feeling. Luckily my husband gets it and came home to help me by drawing me a bath and making dinner.

Manatees Have no Adrenal Fatigue

Today we saw manatees!!!  They're so sweet and gentle and rolly and round.  I think I need to be more like a manatee.  There is no such thing as stress and anxiety for the manatee.  They have no natural predators.  They don't even know how to move very quickly!  They are hardwired for slow, gentle, vegetarian bliss.  The manatee could offer much in terms of instructive attitude to the adrenally fatigued.


Sick Girl's Guide to Adrenal Fatigue


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